Worship Setlist: October 2, 2011

Yesterday was another fantastic worship gathering in The Bridge. Mark kicked us off with Scripture then we rocked into some music and had a great pre-message time of worship. Bruce gave a strong message about the Lord’s coming. The we worshiped some more.

Here’s what we sang:

I’m going to the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta this week. You should check it out because it’s going to be amazing. Have a great week!

4 Thoughts On Observation And Participation In Worship

If you’re a worship leader or someone in a church leadership role (staff or not), you’ve probably experienced the frustration of a “dead crowd”. We ask ourselves How in the world could these people be standing still, staring at the stage looking like they either want to beat somebody up or can’t wait to get to Shoney’s? I believe this is a legitimate desire wrapped up in that ugly school wrapping paper you bought from your niece so she could win a trip to Disney World. No one likes that.

Of course we want to see true transformation in people’s lives expressed in joyful worship! But the part that gets the air-time is the nasty, judgmental spirit that can rot a fellowship of believers from the inside out. The Enemy loves a noble complainer. Continue reading

What Is An Effective Worship Leader?

In an effort to continually improve at what I do, I’m always stacking myself up against people who are much better at it than me. Guys like Redman, Tomlin, Christy Nockels, Kim Walker, Hillsong, and even guys in my church seem so natural and transparent when leading. The question I want to always ask myself is what are those recurring qualities among the most effective worship leaders and how do those qualities weigh against my character?

I’m not talking tattoos, skinny jeans, and scarves. Those are just obvious. Duh.

An effective worship leader…

  • is a discerning servant of the Spirit who leads by listening
  • initiates and models authenticity in the gathering and in his or her life
  • invests in the lives of his or her congregation
  • plans flexibly and knows when to get out of the way
  • has a deep hunger for the Word of God

These are some qualities and trends I’ve observed in some of my worship leading heroes. I’ll be honest with you. I struggle with most of these every time I set foot on stage to lead, so these are truly things I strive for on a daily basis. It was indicting to write them, and I kept trying to soften them up a bit. But that would just be dumb.

Think about your worship leading heroes. Would you add anything to the list?