Worship Setlist: August 28, 2011

If I had to describe yesterday’s Bridge service in one word, it would be: saucy. If I were given 1.5 words: boom-saucy.

Worship was great. Just great. Mark and I designed a special open-ended time after the message for us all to pray and worship as we felt led. Mark challenged us heavy, heavy, heavy. And it was wonderful. The Spirit was definitely moving in a lot of people, and it pulled the congregation together in a deep way. I saw several people praying together after the service, something we’ve been striving for as a church. People living life with people.

Here’s what we sang in worship:

Did you enjoy these songs? What are some you’d love for us to do?

The Order Of Worship: Cause Or Effect?


The writers of the New Testament spent very little time describing their worship services. Justin Martyr’s account is probably the most well-known and earliest description, but aside from not wearing jewelry and hair coverings and rules on tongues, there’s just not much practical detail in the canonical texts as to what these mysterious gatherings should look like. And what is offered (mostly by Paul) is usually in admonishment to a current issue in the early church. They do, however, take up much more real estate talking about the things that happened before the worshiping took place. Continue reading