Worship Setlist: September 18 + 25, 2011

The Bridge was a lot of fun yesterday. We did several of my favorite songs and Mark taught from James 5 about the problems that money brings. I love it when that dude preaches. Even about money.

Sorry for not posting last week, but I was in Alaska and they don’t believe in the internet there. Just kidding. If you were wondering who the dreamy, long-haired fellow was leading for me last Sunday, it was our drummer, Casey Stickley. He and his wife Carmen are a fantastic couple of humans and I love playing music with them.

It was myself, Bob Landham, and Donna Milewski that went on the trip. We were on the ground in Alaska just a little longer than the time it took us to get there and get back. My favorite was the six hour layover in Memphis after our first leg from Nashville of maybe 45 minutes. But hey, I read Bill Bryson’s A Walk In The Woods and finished before we returned home. That’s quite possibly the perfect travel book. I think that two words will sufficiently describe Alaska: 1) beautiful, 2) moose.

Here’s what we sang in The Bridge the past two Sundays:

September 18

September 25

  • Set Free – Chris Tomlin, “Passion: Here For You”
  • Our God – Chris Tomlin, “And If Our God Is For Us”
  • Awakening – Chris Tomlin, “Passion: Awakening”
  • Chosen Generation – Chris Tomlin, “Passion: Awakening”
You’re welcome, Mr. Tomlin.

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