A Review of 31 Days To Finding Your Blogging Mojo by Bryan Allain

First off, am I the only one who is eternally resigned to picturing ‘mojo’ as the gelatinous sludge housed in a glass capsule from Austin Powers? Ok, just checking. Here’s the book’s cover:

Cover design by Mitch Bolton (click to visit his site)

Beautiful, right? Mysterious. Borderline esoteric. I was instantly led to dim my eyes and cross my legs while reading. It didn’t help. I couldn’t see and I cramped up.

Now. Let’s step into the smoky Mojo sauna.

As you can probably tell from the title, Bryan’s laid out the goods in a progressive, easily digestible, daily devotion format. That or it’s a veiled countdown to some cult-blog apocalyptic treasure hunt. No. I suspect Bryan’s simply had Fireproof on his Netflix queue for months. (Rumor has it that the original title was The Blog Dare. But ‘mojo’ just has that zing. And no class action lawsuit.)

The book (or eBook) is comprised of 3 main sections: The 3 Core ElementsThe Reign of King Content, and Finding Visitors, Keeping Readers. It’s immediately evident that this is going to be a succinct, action packed, and hilarious read. Multiple LOLz and ROFLz before you even get to the first chapter. Well, quasi chapters. They’re pretty much blog posts in and of themselves. Short. Dense. Like Danny DeVito.

Throughout the whole book, Bryan runs the thread of his blogging trifecta: Audience, Perspective, and Content – the non-negotiables that every writer is always addressing, positively or negatively, directly or indirectly. These are established early on and by applying them with some easy and practical mini-assignments and interweaving them through the whole book, Bryan forces you to refocus on what, from where, and to whom you’re blogging. And then act on it. I see this as the book’s foundational concept. By the end of the first section you’ll have cast your blog’s mission statement and picked up a felony charge for conspiracy to kidnap the president.

Here are my 3 most favoritest things about 31 Days To Finding Your Blogging Mojo:

“Today’s Mojo Action”. To close each chapter Bryan distills the advice therein into one main objective or action for that day which can be done right then or at least started. (I do not allege Mr. Allain’s involvement in the illicit fermentation of said blog advice.)

The interludes. Between the chapters are injected some outrageously funny little ditties from Bryan’s site. These are welcomed breaks between the blog theology.

The whole book reflects and implements what it says. I really appreciate the fact that this isn’t a bunch of academic theorizing. These are hard-learned lessons, tried and true techniques, and experiential wisdom. It’s never preachy.

Here’s the deal. I don’t believe in gifts that keep on giving. That’s a raving violation of the Second Law Of Thermodynamics. But I do believe in really helpful books that put their own advice into action. This book is filled with tips big and small to help you, in Bryan’s own words, “overcome some of your blogging frustrations and get you closer to achieving your blogging goals”. And that’s exactly what this little gem does. Whether you’re wanting more comments, more traffic or more guest posts, Bryan’s concise tips and attainable goals will lead you in the right direction. And whether you space it out into a whole month or soak it up in just a few hours, you’re going to walk away with some indispensable blogging tools and free life lessons. Like the secrets of elderly muggers.

While I’m too poor to actually gift this to you, it’s WELL worth the $4.99 Kindle edition. Seriously, get the free Kindle app and buy this book. I don’t care if you’re a writer, thinker, speaker, balla or shot calla, if you’re a mojo-less, sentient life-form and want to improve your blog or waistline, you need to do what Bryan Allain says. And do what I’m saying now. Which is to go buy this book.

Now go get your mojo back.

(Buy this book for the Amazon Kindle by clicking here or as a PDF here..

..and visit Bryan’s blog here.)


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