Not About You, Not About Me

Your blog. Your follow count. Your marriage. Your ministry.

Everything around you is screaming otherwise, constantly contending the corner of You, the Great and Unrivaled. To and from our deepest place – the mighty, smoldering, invisible nucleus of every person – we are coached over and over and over that we are, in fact, really really important. That we could rule this kingdom. That we honestly do deserve some credit. We are continually self-medicating on the holy scriptures of brownie points and weekly attendance and Klout and PostRank.

Can we just call our own bluff? Please? Influence is good and necessary for Believers and the Kingdom, but it’s more addictive than pistachios (any NCIS fans?). I even checked my Klout score while writing this post! Gross.

Even Jesus said it wasn’t about Him, but the Father. The Giver. The Maker.

So did Paul. Don’t you think he meant to put that right after the bit about being a living sacrifice? The untransformed mind is where we blow ourselves up and have those quiet pep talks that get us thinking and believing that we’re something more than we really are.

What we really are is just a star in the heavens – a stitch of thread in the vast fabric. Our problem is perspective. Everything else really does seem to be our audience. It’s not. I promise. To everything else you’re just a piece of sky. Telescope fodder.

So don’t believe it. Don’t even try it on, because it will fit really nice. Like a warm Snuggie. The unbelieving of how great and glorious you really are is the Acknowledgement page in your story of Transformation. The part we tend to skip because 1) it’s not a real chapter and 2) well, it’s not acknowledging us.

My blog. My follow count. My marriage. My ministry.

I put way too much stock in myself. And I’m a very unstable market. Jesus, the Meek and Unassuming. That’s what this is about. Him and His Father’s glory. So pull out the hollow-points and fight with your biggest guns. Cause you’re going to fight back with everything you’ve got.

Do you struggle with this? How do you arm yourself?


2 thoughts on “Not About You, Not About Me

  1. dang-it… now you got me all interested in learning more about Klout and Postrank…Disgusting! I constantly feel the strong pressure of this world pushing me to lift myself up… As if the only way to survive is self-promotion. Every day I am bombarded with this message of “showcase what you have to offer so others will see how important you are.” I hate it, but so willing to do it at times. Then I read Jesus in Luke 9 saying “you want to come with Me? then deny yourself daily, make a commitment that will lead to rejection and potential death… that’s what it takes to follow Me.” Wow.

    I had a pastor friend tell me one time “Mark, you’re nobody. Even with Christ you’re a nobody, but you have a reason and purpose to live now.” I try to tell myself that every day.

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