4 Thoughts On Observation And Participation In Worship

If you’re a worship leader or someone in a church leadership role (staff or not), you’ve probably experienced the frustration of a “dead crowd”. We ask ourselves How in the world could these people be standing still, staring at the stage looking like they either want to beat somebody up or can’t wait to get to Shoney’s? I believe this is a legitimate desire wrapped up in that ugly school wrapping paper you bought from your niece so she could win a trip to Disney World. No one likes that.

Of course we want to see true transformation in people’s lives expressed in joyful worship! But the part that gets the air-time is the nasty, judgmental spirit that can rot a fellowship of believers from the inside out. The Enemy loves a noble complainer.

Here are 4 thoughts to stave off the bitterness:

1) Be careful. Not everyone is as charismatic as me.

Just because there’s no flailing, or even movement, it doesn’t mean there’s no worship. What’s going on in that person’s heart may blow my mind. I should encourage authentic worship in the hearts of my people, not just a show of hands.

2) How invested am I in these people?

Am I even trying to learn their names, their stories? If I don’t even know who they are, why should I expect them to trust me, much less follow me?

3) Stale worship is usually a symptom of poor discipleship.

Who am I discipling? How invested is our church in discipleship? The answer is proportionate to what I should expect from my people. Worship is cyclical.

4) Why am I focusing so much on the people and not the Spirit?

Isn’t this one of the problems I have with “them”, that “they” care too much about what people think, what they’re doing or not doing? To the Enemy, distraction is pure gold. Honest worship is contagious.

This list is far from complete. What would you add?


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