Worship Setlist: August 14, 2011

Yesterday was crazy. Crazy. I was at the church from 6:30 until 1. Non-stop, baby. It was awesome. I played electric up in the 11:00 Worship Center service, so I had to get here earlier than normal to set up that stuff. Then, I had to set up some new toys I got for The Bridge, so I ran down to the Fellowship Hall to get that corn a’poppin.

The Bridge service was great. Technically, not so much, but there was a great spirit in the room. With all the new gear, I forgot to check all my batteries and stuff died on me in the middle of the service. The taping of Bruce’s video message was all whacked out, so Mark had to come up and teach the rest of the sermon on the fly. He did a fanflippingtastic job, I must say. And I loved being able to play down in the Worship Center with those guys.

Here’s our setlist from The Bridge service yesterday:

  • Lord Of All – Kristian Stanfill, “Attention”  |  iTunes
  • Awakening – Chris Tomlin, “And If Our God Is For Us”  |  iTunes
  • Revelation Song – Kari Jobe, “Kari Jobe”  |  iTunes
  • Song Of Hope – Robbie Seay Band, “Give Yourself Away”  |  iTunes

That was a really fun set to play. I hope you have a great week. Dig into the Word this week! Oh, and you should most definitely check out Mark Satterfield’s new website: http://reachingyoungadults.com/. He’s got some great stuff on there about, you know, reaching young adults type stuff.


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