Worship Setlist: August 7, 2011 (Love On Sumner Day)

Yesterday was a huge day in the life of our church. We celebrated twenty years at this campus. But the ringing importance of yesterday was not in what we did inside the walls. After the single morning worship service with thousands of people crammed into the Worship Center, more than 1000 people left the building and went to work all over Sumner County. There were over twenty projects to tackle from painting high schools to block parties to hanging out with senior citizens at retirement homes. It was amazing to serve our community with such power and purpose. After the projects were completed, we gathered back at our Family Ministry Center for food and blow-up games. Delightful.

The coolest part about the whole day was knowing that we really could have thrown some big party that said “look at us, we’re awesome and we’ve been awesome for the past twenty years”, and it would have been lots of fun for everyone and their dog. But our leadership felt strongly that the only way to enter into this new era is to bolster our calling to serve and love our community with the love of Jesus by going to them, serving them, not just asking them to come to us. I’m proud to be part of a body and a church staff that has that as a priority.

Since The Bridge service was combined with the other services yesterday, here’s what we sang in worship for our birthday celebration, Love On Sumner Day:

  • O God Our Help – Charles Billingsley, “God Of The Ages”  |  iTunes
  • Come Thou Fount, Come Thou King – Gateway Worship, “Living For You”  |  iTunes
  • Hosanna – Brooke Fraser, “The I Heart Revolution”  |  iTunes
  • Praise The Lord (Psalm 103) – Michael Neale, “Bigger Than Life”  |  iTunes
  • I Need Thee Every Hour, Traditional  |  iTunes
I seriously loved being all together as a church family yesterday. And it was really amazing serving as a body all over Sumner County. Have a great week!

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