Worship Setlist: July 17, 2011

Worship in The Bridge was great yesterday. I always say I love seeing people worship. When their heart just can’t contain all the praise and their faces, hands, and feet have to kick into gear. It’s inspiring and awesome to watch and be a part of. It’s a beautiful cycle of communal worship.

Erin Holloway gave a great testimony about finding a place to serve in the church. She serves in the preschool area. We also took the Lord’s Supper yesterday in all our of services. I loved how we did ours in The Bridge. We backed the taking of the elements with a great song by Matt Maher called Remembrance (Communion Song). Obviously, it was perfect for the occasion. Lots of fun and a great time of worship that we don’t always get to experience.

Here’s what we sang in worship:

Say Say – Kristian Stanfill, “Passion: Awakening” | iTunes
Glory To God Forever – Fee, “Hope Rising” | iTunes
Christ Is Risen – Matt Maher, “Alive Again” | iTunes
Remembrance (Communion Song) – Matt Maher, “Alive Again” | iTunes
All To Us – Chris Tomlin, “Passion: Here For You” | iTunes
I hope you have an awesome week. Don’t forget to set your alarm for 10:02 to pray for workers for our church’s ministries this fall.

And check out Mark Satterfield’s new blog!


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