Worship Setlist: July 3 + July 10, 2011

The past two Sundays have been really good in The Bridge. God is really working on me, teaching me what it is to worship Him. He’s showing me it’s not this ritualistic voodoo that we chant on Sunday mornings and stand up when we change keys, but a response to the contrast of my character and His. And that doesn’t stop when we head off to lunch after the services. Thankfulness, awe, honest confession, joy. It’s engrained in this new Man that’s He’s created. I pray this reality for our church. That we would be honest in our worship to give Him praise from exactly where we are, not where someone says we should be or even where we think we should be. With our own unique voices all giving Him honor for our own unique lives. I believe it will happen.

Here’s what we sang in The Bridge the past two Sundays.

July 3:

Like A Lion – David Crowder Band, “Passion: Awakening” | iTunes
All To Us – Chris Tomlin, “And If Our God Is For Us” | iTunes
Always – Kristian Stanfill, “Passion: Here For You” | iTunes
God Of This City – Chris Tomlin, “Hello Love” | iTunes
Rise And Sing – Fee, “Hope Rising” | iTunes
July 10:

Rise And Sing – Fee, “Hope Rising” | iTunes
We Crown You – Fee, ”Hope Rising” | iTunes
Forever Reign – Hillsong, “A Beautiful Exchange” | iTunes
Spring Of Life – Kristian Stanfill, “Hello” | iTunes
I hope you’re doing well. Let me know if I can do anything for you. And you can always ask me a question by clicking the “Ask Me Anything” tab. See you soon!


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