Better Than Coffee

Jesus calls us the same way He called the first disciples. We’re busy minding our own business, going about our lives and He chooses to come to us and call. We should never think that we sought Him out. It is a volatile and poisonous idea that we initiated the conversation at all.

He did not call us to abandon, but to obey the law that He has already fulfilled. Our exclusive obedience to Christ satisfies His command to perfect obedience to the law. To live as though I am in all ways free of the law is a dangerous presupposition to faith as it nullifies and takes out of view Christ’s fulfilling work on the cross.

It is finished.

I should hold ever before me that my right standing before God is only on account of the grace He alone showed in calling me, the faith He alone gives me that Christ alone has perfectly completed the demands that were, are and will always remain on me. In that light I think faith and works can be seen to ‘coexist’.

There is no fulfillment of the law apart from communion with God, and no communion with God apart from fulfillment of the law. To forget the first condition was the mistake of the Jews, and to forget the second the temptation of the disciples.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, The Cost of Discipleship

What a thundering paradox, that I am at the same time inexorably bound to the law and fully free from its weight, only in that through my communion with Christ I am carrying out a law whose demands have already been satisfied. So God – the Beginning, the only sovereign King, the holy Judge of all creation – has indeed made me alive when I was dead.

I am to Him as He is to Himself.

What a beautiful way to start my day.


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