Worship Setlist: April 10, 2011

Yesterday was an amazing day in The Bridge. Pastor Bruce taught from James 1:2-4ish about dealing with troubles. But before we even got to the message, the Spirit was already moving in a big, big way. After the second song, Mark was about to take the offering when we heard someone yell “Mark!” from the crowd. The man’s voice was shaky as he boldly and desperately asked for every single person in the room to pray for a specific need on his family’s heart.

He began to describe the situation, and the whole room was wrenched with empathy. Mark had him and his family come down front and invited anyone and everyone to come lay a hand on their shoulders and pray for them. There were lots of sniffles as we interceded for them. Either everyone was emotional or we all forgot to take our Zyrtec. It was a beautiful moment.

It always encourages me and, honestly, strengthens my faith when I see someone step out in humility like that. To willingly make himself vulnerable so that God would be glorified. It completely transformed the rest of the service. And the following service. The whole room seemed to have a new freedom, allowing us all to worship deeper and praise more honestly as a result of his leadership. The coolest part about it?

God was praised as the one who heals, the one who is a stronghold in times of trouble.

I pray that you see our church transforming and partner with us in seeing lives changed for the glory of God. Jill and I are blessed to be connected to such a great community of believers.

Here are the songs we sang yesterday in The Bridge:


Victorious – Steve Fee, “We Shine” | iTunes

Always – Kristian Stanfill, “Passion: Here For You” | iTunes

You Never Let Go – Matt Redman, “Passion: Everything Glorious” | iTunes

Desert Song – Hillsong, “This Is Our God” | iTunes

How Can I Keep From Singing – Chris Tomlin, “See The Morning” | iTunes


There you go! I hope you have a great week. See you Sunday!


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