Worship Setlist: April 3, 2011

That was a nasty storm. Nasty, but awesome. We were pulling up to the church in the buses coming back from an off-site staff meeting when it smashed down on us. We looked out the window and I thought, “By George, that rain is sideways.” The bus started to shake and the parking lot was swallowed up in a thick sheet of rain and debris. We got all the women, children, and elderly off the bus (just kidding..) and ran inside. I was outside for maybe 2 seconds and got a free shower. Crazy.

We had two great services again in The Bridge yesterday here at First Baptist. Pastor Bruce began a new series taking us through the book of James. He led it off yesterday with a great message introducing the book, the author, the context, and the idea that our belief and our behavior must match. ‘Church’ isn’t a coat we put on one day a week.

I could hear voices singing the songs yesterday morning like I hadn’t heard in a while. It was awesome. The Spirit is definitely moving in our church, and I hope you can sense the momentum we’re gaining. God encouraged me with several people yesterday. I love our church.

Here are the songs we sang yesterday:


Rise And Sing – Steve Fee, “Hope Rising” | iTunes

Forever Reign – Hillsong, “A Beautiful Exchange” | iTunes

Everything – Ryan Stuart, “North Point Live: Awake” | iTunes

Wholly Yours – David Crowder, “A Collision (Or 3+4=7)” | iTunes


There you go. I hope you’re doing well. Let me know if you need anything!


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