Worship Setlist: March 27, 2011

This Sunday was awesome. We finished our series on becoming a transformational church, focusing on prayerful dependence, connecting in the community, missional mentality, and relational intentionality. I hope you partner with us and are energized by the transformation beginning to stir in our church.

If you’re not connected to any sort of consistently meeting, intentionally discipling, small group of believers, you are missing one of the most important links in the call of Jesus. As humans, our tendency is isolation, bred by selfishness. We think we can do it alone, by ourself. But detachment is like poison to the believer. You will slowly wither until you’re rendered useless. Community with other believers is meant to lift us up, to encourage us, to ensure us that we are indeed part of something meaningful, that we have something to offer. And most importantly, it draws us closer to Jesus. Surround yourself with authentic, transparent believers and share life with them. It’s powerful.

Here are the songs we sang in The Bridge yesterday:


We Crown You – Steve Fee, “Hope Rising” | iTunes

Glorious – Chris Tomlin, “See The Morning” | iTunes

Our God – Chris Tomlin, “And If Our God Is For Us” | iTunes

Say Say – Kristian Stanfill, “Passion: Awakening” | iTunes


I truly hope you have a great week.


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