Worship Setlist: March 6, 2011

Worship was great yesterday in The Bridge. It inspires me when I look out and see people engaging in personal communion with God. Not looking at me, not looking at the lyrics, just singing and smiling out of the joy of worshiping Jesus. And I love hearing the congregation sing! During I Need Thee Every Hour, I could hear several people above my voice and guitar shouting out praise. Sweetness.

Love someone this week. Someone who annoys you or you avoid because your personalities are different. And pray for them. Not that they’ll be less annoying, but that you’ll be gracious and loving despite their quirkiness. I know I’ll sometimes take a detour down another aisle at a store or pull out my cell phone for a subtle evasion tactic just because it’s awkward. That’s unbelievably selfish. Let’s start being like Jesus.

Yesterday was great. And I can’t wait for this Sunday…

Here’s what we sang in The Bridge yesterday:


How Can I Keep From Singing – Chris Tomlin, “See The Morning” | iTunes

Everything – Tim Hughes, “Holding Nothing Back” | iTunes

Hosanna – Hillsong, “All of the Above” | iTunes

I Need Thee Every Hour – Traditional

Hands of The Healer – Fee, “Hope Rising” | iTunes


That’s it! I hope you have a great week. Let’s be God’s light wherever we go.

And check out one of my new favorite songs here. We just may do it soon…

See you Sunday!


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