Worship Setlist: February 20, 2011

Happy Monday to you all. And a delightful Presidents’ Day as well. To commemorate the special event, I watched Frost/Nixon. I learned a lot. Like don’t break into government buildings and always carry a hanky for your lip sweat.

I was sick yesterday. It may very well have been David Hobbs’ backstage coffee, but I’m thinking it was more along the lines of a 24-hour bug. You know, that has to be a terrible existence. I mean, to only get to hang out and show your stuff for 24 hours. Poor bug. Plus, am I the only person ever to have a normal body temperature of 96.8F? Yes, I said it correctly, ninety-six-point-eight. Six before the eight. O well. It’s probably just my rebellious sin nature.

Anyway, I’m better now. Thanks for asking. My lovely wife took great care of me and now I’m back to normal-ish. She thought it wise to stay home for the day so as not to infect the entire Music & Worship staff, so, alas, here I am watching movies, blogging, and planning upcoming services.

I’ve also been following the story of an Afghan brother, Said Musa, a Christian who is awaiting execution by hanging if he does not re-convert to Islam. There is a serious Twitter storm around him right now, as Christian leaders from all over the world are trending the story to try to get influential national figures to intervene on his behalf. The hash-tag #SaidMusa was even trending in the US for a while (for all you twitter-illiterate: trending = a popular phrase, word, topic, lots of people are tweeting about – it’s got to be a big deal to be trending across the US). Google him and you’ll be amazed. Anyone from me to John Piper has tweeted and re-tweeted imploring President Obama and news networks to cover the story and do something. This goes beyond religious beliefs and affiliation and has become an issue of human rights. I earnestly hope that we would do the same for any such injustice, including a Muslim condemned to die for his beliefs.

In other news, worship was great yesterday in The Bridge. Pastor Bruce taught on the indescribable gift of grace, and we all took the Lord’s Supper together. We weren’t able to do the last song of the set in the first service since we ran out of time, so it’ll look different depending on which hour you were there! Here are the songs:


All Because Of Jesus – Steve Fee, “We Shine” | iTunes

Forever Reign – Hillsong, “A Beautiful Exchange” | iTunes

Jesus Messiah – Chris Tomlin, “Hello Love” | iTunes

Nothing But The Blood – Matt Redman, “Facedown” | iTunes

Christ Is Risen – Matt Maher, “Alive Again” | iTunes


There you go! I hope you enjoy your day. And I hope I’m not sick the next time we meet! Remember to pray for Said Musa, our faithful brother giving God all the glory while facing terrible persecution.



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