Worship Setlist: February 6, 2011

We did things a little bit differently yesterday in The Bridge services. Pastor Bruce exhorted us to either ‘hold the rope or get in the basket’. Or do both. He taught out of Acts 9 where Paul is lowered by his disciples from a window in a basket to escape capture. We are all called to be missionaries wherever we are, and we focused on the specific area of foreign missions this Sunday. We held our Missions Expo where people were able to find out about all the mission activities and trips our church is involved with.

During the service, we had a time for everyone to get up out of their chairs and go to one (or more) of seven stations located around the Fellowship Hall B – one for each continent. At each station was a poster with information about the demographics, languages, availability of the Gospel and other specific prayer needs. The information was taken from the Operation World book. Also at each station was a basket where people could place their tithes and offerings, adding a more visual/physical element to our sacrificial financial giving than we normally have on a Sunday morning.

As I was singing, I was able to look around. I saw huddles of people praying together for believers and persecutions in Asia, a group of people showering The Americas with prayer, and I saw individuals standing and worshiping. It was pretty powerful. We were seriously praying for the world right then. Every continent was interceded for, and it was amazing to watch.

It wasn’t showy or flashy. The lights were all the way up and people were just milling around moving from one station to the next. It wasn’t even that planned. We just planned on letting the Spirit move. Nothing mystical or really cheesy ‘spiritual’, just God’s people lifting up requests to Him in a real way. It was great to be a part of.

These are the songs we did yesterday in The Bridge:


Here Is Our King – David Crowder, “A Collision (Or 3+4=7)” | iTunes

No Greater Love – Matt Maher, “Alive Again” | iTunes

Hosanna – Hillsong, “All Of The Above” | iTunes

Tears Of The Saints – Leeland, “Sound Of Melodies” | iTunes

Follow You – Leeland, “Love Is On The Move” | iTunes


There you have it. The music we sang in worship combined with our Pastor’s message and our unique time of deliberate prayer made for one great experience in The Bridge services here at First Baptist. So.

Hold the rope or get in the basket. It’s not an option.

Have a great week!


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