Worship Setlist: December 19, 2010

So after just two weeks of this new series, I’ve decided to change the name from Music Monday to Worship Setlist: [date]. It was just too confusing to try to say on Monday what we sang on Sunday while keeping the series and dates and format nice and clean and searchable. So, Worship Setlist it is!

We had some really good services yesterday in The Bridge. If you couldn’t make it, Bruce taught on the meaning of the names Jesus and Emmanuel. How amazing it is that God left heaven and came to us. To share breath and life with us, to die and rise so that we could live. He didn’t sit back and just invite us to Himself. That would have been amazing enough. He chose to come to us and to dwell with us in the flesh. And now, in His Spirit, He is still Emmanuel.

We lifted our voices together and sang songs of praise focusing on His glory and His presence with us. We also did a couple of new songs, which everyone picked up very well. Here is the setlist from our sung worship:


Angels We Have Heard On High – Chris Tomlin, “Glory In The Highest” | iTunes YouTube

Jesus Messiah – Chris Tomlin, “Hello Love” | iTunes YouTube

Forever Reign – Hillsong, “A Beautiful Exchange” | iTunes YouTube

Emmanuel – Chris Tomlin, “Glory In The Highest” | iTunes YouTube


I hope you have a great Christmas with your family and closest friends!


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